We love big buns!

We love bread, like really really love it, it’s just one of those things that are synonymous with the café life, not to mention it goes with EVERYTHING!

I mean you can have it with your soup, as a sandwich (duh!) in your salad, its essential for burgers, hotdogs, and melty delicious cheeeeesy toast, it’s even served with ice-cream a la street-style here in Bangkok, but really the applications are endless. 

To the point though, we bake a lot every day, and recently we made huge upgrades to our bakery and pastry facilities with improved machinery and enlarged the room which is now the size of a tennis court. And with all this extra space to play around in we have been able to up our production to support other businesses as well.

We believe in sharing good things and because we have been around Bangkok for a while we know the struggles others are facing when it comes to a steady supply of quality bakery. This is why we are now happy to announce that Rocket’s bread and bakery is available for wholesale. 


Our current selection of bread includes artisan sourdoughs, dark rye, white toast, brioche, burger buns (seriously some of the best in we have ever tried), baguettes, and bagels to name a few.

Your recipe our ours, we are open to a variety of solutions as long as it brings freshly baked goodness to those in need. So if you are in need of bakery or know something that is, let us know ðŸžðŸªðŸ©ðŸ°



We love big buns!
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