The Grandfather of Thai Street Coffee: Café Bombón


The Grandfather of Thai Street Coffee: Café Bombón


Unbeknownst to most, the Spaniards have successfully infiltrated the lives of millions across Asia … in their daily coffee fix! There was a time when the Spaniards held one of the largest empires in the world – reaching corners of Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe. It was vast and inspiring. But, like most great things, it has come and gone – and the Spanish empire is no more, but they’ve left at least one thing behind: a simple yet delicious coffee.


Enter the Café Bombón – a delightful mix of espresso and sweetened condensed milk. If you’ve ever ordered a coffee from one of the many coffee carts on the sidewalks of Thailand, this might sound a bit familiar. The main difference is in Thailand they call it Café Rawn, and instead of espresso, they often use strong drip or instant coffee. Same, same, but different. Give the original a try and see how they match up!


Cafe Bombon-Sequence-1

The Perfect Serve: Café Bombón: 1:1 espresso & sweetened condensed milk. Serve in small clear glass, adding the espresso slowly to the condensed milk to create the distinctive layers. Serve with a small spoon or stir stick. Stir & enjoy.


Café Bombón


Thai Coffee Lore – By Peter Oh The author of Bangkok’s most delicious burger blog.


The Grandfather of Thai Street Coffee: Café Bombón
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