Black is Back

BLACK IS BACK (and slightly confusing)

Ok, you’re not a fan of fancy mocha lattes, cappuccinos or frapawhatevers. Maybe they are too sweet, too milky or simply too complicated to order and that sort of thing is just not your cup of tea coffee. So you simplify, but find that the straight up “sip and run” espresso experience doesn’t quite do it for you either. In fact, it leaves you unsatisfied, wanting more of the coffee experience, but without the pretense.

You’re not alone.

But where does that leave you? Or more specifically, what options are you left with? Bean selection aside, there are 3 very similar yet distinct black coffee options.


The Lungo, The Americano and The Long Black.

3 ways to: black coffee


Each of these coffees is made with 2 simple ingredients. Ground coffee and water. Yet, for those with discerning taste buds, there’s a difference in taste.

The Long Black is similar to the Americano and is made by adding espresso to hot water, whereas for the Americano you add hot water to the espresso. If done correctly the Long Black retains the crema on the top (the Americano does not as it is broken down when the water is added), and as a result your coffee should have a slightly stronger flavor. Now, when it comes to the Lungo, instead of adding water to the espresso or espresso to the water, you simply let more water run through the espresso shot (in coffee geek speak, you pull a longer shot … “Lungo”=”long” in Italian). Because the water runs through the coffee grounds for longer, it pulls or extracts other flavors from the coffee, both diluting the original shot while also and adding a bit of bitterness.

You have some latitude to play around with coffee to water ratios in all of these, but if in doubt, let your barista choose for you. Give these variations a try and see if you can taste the difference.


Step 1: Make Espresso
Step 2: Let Additional Hot Water Run Through The Grinds



Step 1: Make Espresso
Step 2: Add Hot Water To It



Long Black
Step 1: Put Hot Water In Glass
Step 2: Slowly Pour In Espresso Shot (single/double)
*Be careful to preserve the crema



Black is Back – By Peter Oh The author of Bangkok’s most delicious burger blog.


Black is Back
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