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Taste is the one sense that can easy tap into my soul faster than the speed of lightening. What you taste — you definitely feel — or at least that’s how I feel it should definitely be.
Being a native to Abbot Kinney and the generous multi cultural city of Los Angeles, it’s hard to not get spoiled with foodgasm. It’s close to almost being able to taste the world all in one city!
For Bangkok locals who have no idea what I’m talking about — I highly suggest the simple yet flavor bursting dish “Silky Tofu” dish at Rocket S49. Loads of their signature dishes will blow your mind.


Silky Tofu By Rocket Coffeebar


On a hot sweaty day (which day isn’t in Bang city?) the Cascara tea will definitely rejuvenate you and keep you refreshed.

Oh — and if you happen to be at S49, say Hi to Bennie – he can be a pretty cool guy. Don’t let the intimidation fool you – he’s a charmer! He’ll probably ask what you feel like having .. Trust his choices..he knows what he’s doing!


Rocket S.49



A note from Kal – Kalorin S Nemayothin The owner YourYummyMummy.



A note from Kal