The Flat white


5 Minutes with Bennie on the FLAT WHITE.

Flat White
How long has Rocket offered Flat White on the menu?

Since we opened 2 years ago.


What roast do you use for the drink? Do you think a particular roast works best for a Flat White?

We use our own espresso blend Rocket Fuel One, a combination of Brazilian, Guatemala, Indonesian, and Thai beans. I think what ever you use in your caffe latte/cappuccino/espresso, would work just fine. Our blend is medium roasted, not too dark and not too light.


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What’s your go-to coffee drink when you’re at home or at a cafe?

I myself start my morning with a Piccolo Latte, sometimes two. Then from noon onwards i will drink my coffee black, Americano or Pour Over/drip coffee. On hot days cold brew is my given choice.


Do you think we’ll be seeing Flat Whites at the BTS/street coffee stalls anytime soon?

No not really, i believe they will continue their strong sales of 40 Baht sugar drenched ice lattes and burnt cappuccino’s. Theres a huge market for that still, and will always be i believe.


Anything else you’d like to add about the trend?

The Flat White has been a strong house hold name since I was living down under 12 years ago, and still is today. There is a huge feud between New Zealand and Australia on who actually invented it. The only way to properly make it is by using a double ristretto shot, little to no foam, and a shorter pour of milk then your latte. Served in a thick walled ceramic cup. When pouring you want to “lift up the espresso” to the top, giving it a more intense coffee experience then your regular milk based coffee. Latte art is definitely not necessary here. The interesting thing is now that Starbuck in North America will be introducing the Flat White in a attempt to stay hip and in trend. Interesting to see if this will hit Asia as well 🙂




A rundown on the Flat White – By Natalie B. Compton 



The Flat white
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