5 Dishes for a Gluten-Free Brunch


Going gluten-free is all the rage lately, and we’re here to guide you on some of our wheat, barley, and rye free dishes! Not only do they say a gluten-free diet boost our immune systems and help us lose that belly faster, it also gives us boundless energy for an adventure-packed day.

Check out some of our favorite gluten-free dishes for that perfect weekend brunch – or anytime of the week!


Go Sweet

Buckwheat Waffles

Whipped mascarpone, hot sour berries compote, and fresh mint

An antioxidant-filled treat, our buckwheat waffles also provide tons of magnesium for healthy blood flow and anti-inflammatory properties to stave off injuries. Lower your blood sugar and boost your energy levels with a healthy meal that tastes perfectly decadent.

Buckwheat Waffle - Rocket Coffeebar


Yoghurt Bowl

Choose either house made granola or muesli, served with probiotic yoghurt, fresh berries, and honey on the side

Loaded with vitamins for clear skin and bright eyes, probiotic yogurt is also packed with protein to keep you full all day long. Paired with oats to keep your heart healthy and your bones strong, this treat is the perfect way to start your morning.


Granola - Rocket Coffeebar


Go Savory

Rocket’s Benedict

Soft-boiled eggs on dark sourdough bread with seasoned hollandaise sauce, rocket leaves, and crispy chorizo

Take it old school with a traditional benedict – with a twist! Though sourdough is not technically gluten-free, the 7-hour fermentation process makes this bread easily digested and said to be safe if you’re gluten intolerant. Sourdough is chock-full of vitamins and minerals, and turns this meal from comfort food to super food.


Eggs Benedict - Rocket Coffeebar


Go Light

Greens & Blossoms (V)

Lettuces, local blossoms, heart of coconut palm, asparagus, red radishes, cucumber, and lemon-honey-saikyo miso dressing

If you’re looking for something that won’t weigh you down, you’ve found the perfect dish! Revitalize your skin and build your bones with the perfect mix of detoxifying greens and add a dose of zinc and copper with our nutrient-packed dressing.


Greens & Blossoms - Rocket Coffeebar


Take a Sip


Banana, mango, tangerine, young coconut

Have your breakfast on the go with a fresh, simple smoothie. Bananas keep you happy, healthy and stress free, and are the perfect ingredient for an after-workout snack, while coconuts revitalize your body with a boost of electrolytes for the optimal natural sports drink.

Bango - Rocket Coffeebar




5 Dishes for a Gluten-Free Brunch
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