The Rocketeers

A brief introduction to the team

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  • The FoundersOpen or Close

    The Swedish three crowns and the American dream knew each other well long before this particular venture, from when the Swedes – Ben-David Sorum, Dannie Sorum and Thomas Anostam – often had come down to the acclaimed Sri panwa luxury pool villa resort and spa in Phuket, where Jared O’Brien from Boston then worked, together creating, well, memorable parties for many peoples’ history books.

    Jared did almost a decade at aforementioned place in Phuket, being a big part of the project’s start, growth, and success, while Ben-David and Dannie have been in Thailand the same length of time, but always Bangkok-based, starting the beverage catering/consultancy company Flow Cocktail, which fellow Swede Thomas later came to join. This trio then led to both Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar as well as high-end international mixologist gigs.

    It wasn’t until early 2013 the four properly came together to start what is now Sapparot Group. Leading up to this, Jared did a successful 3-month consultancy job for The Vale Hotel in Niseko, Japan. Meanwhile, Ben-David, Dannie, and Thomas were already developing the first product of Sapparot Group – Rocket Coffeebar, which would come to open in July 2013. The rest, just like above-mentioned parties, is again teamwork meant for chapters in a new set of history books.

  • The Flavour CrewOpen or Close

    SAPPAROT GROUP EXECUTIVE CHEF - Patrick Martens of Germany is Group Executive Chef of Sapparot Group. With experience from around the world – from 5-star hotels to 3-star Michelin restaurants to most recently eight years with the acclaimed Zuma Group – he brings vast culinary experience to the group.

    Coming from a rather niched environment of the finest, most exclusive ingredients, Patrick is not a stranger to turn it all around, letting the basics shine in gourmet creations pleasing not only the palate, but the other senses too, thanks to skills gathered and refined over the years in the field.

    SAPPAROT GROUP EXECUTIVE PASTRY CHEF - Jeff Oberg, Swedish native Jeff comes from a computer programming background before, at the age of 28, discovering his natural hidden talent in the kitchen. His determination and passion for cooking quickly became a dangerously intense obsession. A believer that school kills creativity, Jeff sought culinary knowledge, inspiration, and experience wherever he went. “I see food in everything, my mind is constantly brimming with new ideas and I seek flavor combinations in the unexpected.” In 2014 Jeff joined Sapparot Group to manage bakery and pastry across all outlets. Inspiring a new-way-of-thinking and a habit of bending the rules, Jeff’s new line of desserts has left guests in admiration.

    Known for prioritizing flavor, texture, and plating - in that exact order, Jeff’s masterpieces will have you curious and guessing with each bite.

    ROCKET COFFEEBAR EXECUTIVE CHEF - Chatin Dienel also partly of German heritage, this young and passionate chef has been with Rocket from its early days giving the food its signature flair and style. From setting the foundations at Rocket he also worked his way around the world from casual eateries to Michelin starred restaurants and furthering his knowledge in Switzerlands culinary institues. Now he's back in Thailand again and leading the fleet of chefs in the Rocket kitchen once again.

    GROUP BEVERAGE MANAGER - ROCKET - Atchara W. Palleros, with close to a decade of experience within the hospitality field, whereof five are from the coffee industry in Bangkok, New York, and Perth, Atchara Palleros is Sapparot Group’s dedicated and goal-driven head barista and group beverage manager we know as “Apple”. While her coffee education include courses in Thailand and Overseas. Her passion for the field is easy to spot through her tireless commitment to not only make sure that coffee operations are on Rocket Standard, but also in her dedication to the team.

    THE KITCHEN TEAM - A diverse bunch of people form different backgrounds have come together to move Bangkoks café scene onto the next level, while initially cooking what to them is "foreign food" the team has now embrased the challange and mastered the cuisine, a true show of talent and passion.

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    If you are a hard working, passionate, fun, and honest person looking to grow in the hospitality industry, please contact us.